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Sri Muniraj
Muniraj ji

In the autumn of 1995, a new hospital was first opened in Chilianaula, the Shri Baba Haidakhan Charitable and Research Hospital.
This has been a monumental task and a tremendous service to the million or so people in this remote area who previously had no medical facilities to speak of.One of Babaji's main teachings is to serve humanity; Shri Munirajji certainly exemplifies this through his life. Shri Munirajji is also a great example of Babaji's teachings of truth, simplicity and love. His manner is quiet and simple, his words and actions resonate with truth, and his presence exudes love.

Shri Munirajji, an early and close devotee of Shri Babaji, was left as the head of the Babaji family when Babaji left His body in 1984. During the last few years of Shri Babaji's physical manifestation, He told people that Muniraj would be the guru of the west. He also told Muniraj that his work would begin when He (Babaji) left His body.
In the late 70's, Shri Munirajji built a beautiful marble temple and ashram in honour of Shri Babaji in Chilianaula, District Ranikhet, in India. Hundreds of people travel there each year for the celebration of Autumn Navaratri (Divine Mother festival).

The Shri Baba Haidakhan Charitable and Research Hospita is literally "joined at the hip" with the Baba Hairakhan Temple and Ashram to which the small town of Chilyanaula owes its fame. Baba Haidakhan, presides over this entire complex. Considered immortal and a manifestation of Lord Shiva by devotees, His Grace and benevolence are immanent even though He is no longer in the physical body.

The establishment of an Ayurveda hospital was a desire expressed by Babaji, which has now borne fruit more than two decades after His leaving His body. The Hairakhan Trust's charitable hospital unit, (which contains a full-time physician, a dental surgeon, an eye care unit, a path lab, and x-ray facility), is now growing in a unique way, trying not to compromise the ancient methods prescribed by the old ayurvedic practitioners but rather to complement them. Given the burgeoning but flamboyant spa culture mushrooming in the entire country, the Bhole Baba Center stands for a pure and uncluttered approach to Ayurveda, and Panchkarma. Given its "small is beautiful" ambiance, the Center, nonetheless, offers an international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual atmosphere. In almost two years since its inception, nationals from countries spanning the entire world have participated in programmes and benefited from not only the therapies, medication and personal care, but also from the beneficent spiritual aura surrounding the entire area. Participants and patients only continue to swell in numbers.


The hospital

Hospital from Ashram
Om Namaha Shivaya - as written by Babaji